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Shuttle Sprints

Set out two cones 25 yards apart on the practice field. Run from one to the other and back. Do six repetitions, a total of 300 yards. Repeat after 5 minutes’ rest.

High-Knee Drills

Run in place lifting your knees as high as you can with each stride for 30 seconds to a minute. Run on the balls of your feet for 50 yards, taking quick, short steps.

The Dot Drill

Plot five points on the practice field about a yard apart, like on dice. At each whistle, jump from one corner point to the center point, then jump to put each foot on the far two corners

Hill Training 2

What goes up … Run down the hill as fast as possible without losing control. Moving your legs faster than you would on a flat surface builds acceleration speed.

Hill Training

Build leg and lung strength by running up a hill that takes 30 to 60 seconds to climb. As it gets easier, find longer, steeper hills to run.

Hungry For More?

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LiveStrong.com: Which Run Is Faster: High Knees or Low Knees?
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