The partners and staff of Burch, George and Germany (BGG) thrive in their roles as civic leaders and role models for Oklahoma’s youth. Our team understands the important role that football plays in the development of our young men, and we are inspired by the teamwork, perseverance and integrity that are on display when they take the field. That’s why we created this website – to help our youth continue on their path to personal excellence.

The team at Burch, George and Germany knows that football teaches many critical components that help in personal and professional development both on and off the field. So, we created a one-stop youth football site that is not only inspirational and easy to use, but also genuinely beneficial. Here, young players will find sprints, drills and training tips that will help them improve their performance on the field come game time. But, we also provide critical information for use off the field.

We offer tricks on how to get noticed by college recruiters, information on eligibility, and a list of current Oklahoma football camps. BGG is on your team, striving to help Oklahoma youth reach their full potential, regardless of where they are currently.

On that note, as Oklahomans, we believe that together we can “conquer all things”, and in that spirit, BGG supports the underdogs. We want to empower players at every level to become the very best players, and conversely, the very best people, they can be. So, on our site you’ll find inspirational facts about the history of college football in Oklahoma, including stats and notable game winning dates. We also provide links to informative external sites, as well as helpful offline resources.

Our motivation comes from a feeling of civic responsibility and personal experience. We at BGG believe very strongly that those who succeed must give back, and through our success we are fortunate enough to do just that. One way we’re actively giving back to the community is through the creation of this all-in-one youth football website. We believe it is a useful and productive way to reach Oklahoma’s youth and assist them in their personal development and growth.

Another motivating factor behind our website is personal experience. BGG partner, Kelly George, is inspired by his own son’s game play every day. He sees how football instills a sense of confidence, responsibility and a strong team ethic into his son. Mr. George passionately wants to help other boys in Oklahoma develop the same crucial, lifelong skills.

The team at Burch, George and Germany believe in the power of football and what it means to Oklahomans. We see firsthand how important the sport is to the lives and development of our state’s youth, and this website is our sincere effort to make our own positive impact. Take a look at all of the tools and resources available on our website, and please contact us with any concerns or questions you may have about our content. BGG is proud to be a part of the exemplary legacy of Oklahoma football.

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