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A Message From Burch, George & Germany.

Only the most athletically gifted players get to play football at the highest levels. Maybe you are one of those special players. But at whatever level you participate —on a youth team, in high school or beyond, the game of football has a great deal to offer.

Football teaches life lessons and builds character. Football molds young men in Oklahoma to be physically and mentally tough. It teaches how to focus on a goal and how much sacrifice it takes to be successful. It instills the importance of teamwork. And it emphasizes that hard work plus discipline and persistence lead to success.

Many of the lessons of football we embrace as a law firm at Burch, George & Germany. That’s why for many years we have been sponsors of youth football in our community and why we’ve created this website. In representing clients, we understand that our skill and hard work plus persistence to overcome adversity are the path to achieving the best results. We hope that you will benefit from the life lessons that football has to offer.

Ready To Improve Your Game?

Shuttle Sprints

Set out two cones 25 yards apart on the practice field. Run from one to the other and back. Do six repetitions, a total of 300 yards. Repeat after 5 minutes’ rest.

The Dot Drill

Plot five points on the practice field about a yard apart, like on dice. At each whistle, jump from one corner point to the center point, then jump to put each foot on the far two corners

Hill Training

Build leg and lung strength by running up a hill that takes 30 to 60 seconds to climb. As it gets easier, find longer, steeper hills to run.

Get Noticed.

Fit The Role

Size, weight, strength, speed and agility are key. Flexibility is important for fast, explosive movement. Not everyone plays at Division I. Know where you will fit in and make the most of it.


Attend showcases, like the National Underclassmen Combine, Under Armour, 7 on 7 and local camps, such as Oklahoma University’s camps for high school players, or invitation-only camps.


Do you hustle between plays? Do you run patterns with enthusiasm even when you’re not the primary receiver? Do you give it all in practice?

Oklahoma Football.

It’s a Tradition.

We’re Winners.

  •  Ten high schools in Oklahoma can boast of at least two alumni being chosen in the NFL draft over the last 21 seasons, 1993 to 2014.
  •  The Jenks High Trojans in Jenks, Oklahoma have won 14 6A Oklahoma state championships.
  •  Oklahoma University’s football team first became known as the Sooners in 1908.

People Know Us.

  • The University of Oklahoma has compiled a record of 842-312-53, which ranks No. 3 in the nation.
  • The Sooners’ all-time bowl record through 2014 is 28-18-1.
  • OU has appeared in 9 BCS Bowl games and is the only team to appear in all five BCS games as of 2013-’14 season.

We Accomplish Great Things.

  • The first time a University of Oklahoma football game was shown on TV was October 9, 1948.
  • Oklahoma State University tied with Penn State for 9th in the 2009 preseason poll, the first Top 10 preseason ranking in school history.
  • Former Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson led the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl titles in 1992 and 1993.

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Sooner Success: A Passion for Excellence

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